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Save Time and Improve
Your 🔴 Recordings with the
Ultimate VST Plugin for Singers🎙️

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Download Lyrics Runner today and start saving time!

Lyrics Runner

allows you to seamlessly run lyrics in your Daw, making your recording an immersive experience for your singers. Just paste the lyrics and hit play, and Lyrics Runner will do the rest.


With Lyrics Runner, you can:

Save valuable time by not having to manually cue up the lyrics

Make your recordings more accurate by ensuring that the singers are singing the correct lyrics

Pasting text to the Lyrics Runner screen and easily adjusting the size of the text to the singer's convenience

Lyrics Runner is compatible
with a variety of platforms

My thoughts: Lyrics Runner sounds like a very useful plugin for singers and producers alike. It can help to save time and improve the accuracy of recordings, while also providing a better recording experience for singers.

The fact that it is compatible with a variety of platforms is also a plus.
I am especially interested in the feature that allows users to paste text to the Lyrics Runner screen and easily adjust the size of the text.

This could be very helpful for singers who have difficulty reading small text on a computer screen. Overall, I think Lyrics Runner is a great product that could be a valuable asset to any singer or producer. I would recommend checking it out, especially if you are looking to save time and improve the quality of your recordings

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