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Welcome to the new age of music production. At SPS Studios, we specialize in the latest recording and production technologies. We are based in Israel, but are able to work with vocalists and musicians anywhere in the world!

Music Producer - SPS Studios - Mix and Matering Studios

We have worked with singers and other clients from countries on almost every continent including France, Russia, England and the United States. Only a few of these clients have ever physically set foot inside our studio. That’s because this truly is the new age of music production. We are able to work with anyone, anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. That means we can bring our expert production and professional mastering to all corners of the globe without leaving our studio. All we require from clients are vocal tracks or stems from a recording they want to take to the next level. With just these stems, we are able to create full, professional-quality recordings that can compete with anything else out there in today’s broad and rapidly changing world of music. In fact, in this new age of music production, the majority of the most popular Top 40 hits are produced this way. Producers, session musicians, mastering engineers, vocalists, and songwriters are rarely all in the same studio at the same time during a session. It is very common for a session musician in Nashville to record a track and send it to a producer in California where the songwriter and vocalist craft and eventually record the melody and hook for a track. Mixing and mastering is then often done in yet another location, sometimes on the other side of the world.

In this new age of music production, the majority of our clients come to us online. Work begins when a clients sends us vocal tracks or instrumental stems they’ve already recorded. With these tracks, we can do almost anything a client wants and create a song to match what they imagine in their mind. We focus mainly on singers and vocal track work, but we have worked with numerous bands as well. We are well equipped for whatever production services our clients need. We have seriously invested in our studio and we strive to stay on the cutting edge of music production tools and technologies. We use only the best professional equipment to give our clients the professional quality they need to stand out in today’s saturated music market. We use only the latest plugins from reputable professional-grade plugin makers like Waves, Slate Digital, reFX, Native Instruments, iZotope, Universal Audio and many more. Our sound and sample libraries are constantly updated - at least once per month, often more - with the latest sounds so that we can remain at the leading edge of what the music industry is doing not just today, but tomorrow as well. If anything, we are ahead of the curve and we strive to maintain that position. We’re always looking to the industry to see what is popular now, that way we can plan for what will come next. With SPS Studios, you can be confident that you’re working with some of the world’s most experienced engineers using only today’s best DAWs, plugins, instruments, microphones, effects racks, mixing consoles, monitors, and dedicated recording computers.

We are able to produce just a song, produce an entire album, or even create a remix of an existing track. We can do all of this for a singer or band no matter where they are in the world. We take care of all music production work including track composition, instrumentation, effects and plugins like compression and EQ, pitch correction, vocal tuning, mixing, and mastering.

We are experts at using the right effects in the right places on our clients tracks. The result of this is a professional recording on par with the mainstream music you hear today in movies, television, and radio. That said, it’s not enough to simply to able to use these plugins, one must be able to artfully craft these plugins to work for a specific track because every track, every vocalist, and every musician are different. That’s what makes music so unique! Everyone has their own style, and at SPS Studios, we strive to emphasize what makes each of our clients so unique. That’s why our first step with any client is to get an understanding of their unique sound and style as best as possible. This way, we can play to a client’s strengths in a recording and work to make these strengths grab the listener’s ear. An excellent production shouldn’t be trying to cover up or change the natural elements a vocalist brings to a recording. Instead, it should enhance the style and flavor that the singer already brings to the track. That is our specialty at SPS Studios. We work with singers and vocalists from all across the globe with a goal of making their unique styles shine in their tracks. SPS Studios is run by Ofer Hamerman, an experienced production engineer who has worked with record companies, singers, and bands from across the globe. Ofer has decades of experience with all styles and genres of music, new and old, including pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, funk, electronica, folk and blues. When you work with Ofer on a project, you’re getting priceless knowledge and know-how from a true professional engineer who has been in the industry since before the digital age. After all these years, Ofer has lots of tricks of his sleeve which will take your recordings from good to truly outstanding. Ofer and SPS Studios are based in Israel, but he has done production work around the globe for decades. After working with multiple record companies overseas, Ofer decided to create his own studio and work for himself. The result was the founding of SPS Studios.

Through this studio, he now offers his years of industry experience to anyone who wants it. He still regularly works with professional artists and record companies from around the world and has remained in touch with industry professionals in all areas of the music business. His connections allow him to stay up to date on everything happening in the music world today and give him the foresight to see what is coming next. This also means that Ofer is always using the most current recording hardware, the latest digital effects and plugins, and the most recent virtual instruments to come from the industry’s top brands. Ofer mainly specializes in vocal track work, but he is also a musician and has a long list of professional session musicians at his disposal for whatever your track needs. Vocalists who work with Ofer need only send him the vocal tracks from a recording. With just these vocal tracks, he is able to make magic in the studio. He is a master at high-level production techniques like tuning, timing adjustment and pitch correction, and is an expert with essential plugins like compression, EQ, and reverb. Too many producers think they know how to use these plugins, but decades of experience has given Ofer a highly trained ear which is able to recognize even the slightest changes to give your mix that professional edge. Take compression as an example. This plugin has been widely used since well before the digital age of music production, back when these tools were not pieces of software but large, rack-mounted hardware devices. Compression continues to be one of the most common plugins in any recording project whether vocal or instrumental and can add a lot to any recording. That said, when used with vocals, there is truly an art to the use of this plugin. Compression must be subtle or it will sound unnatural. Over-compressing a vocal can stifle it, killing the natural energy the singer brings to the session.

Music Producer - SPS Studios - EQ Studios
Music Producer - SPS Studios - EQ Studios

Ofer has mastered the artful use of compression over decades of studio work. In todays new age of music production, tricks like bus compression, automation, parallel compression, and post-fader compression can make or break your recording - but don’t worry, you’re in good hands with Ofer.

EQ is a very common plugin and the concept behind it is relatively simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple to use. When used by a professional recording engineer, it is the glue that brings all your tracks together in the mix. That is one of many things Ofer can bring to your production. EQ is equally as subtle as compression and must be used with a thoughtful ear to avoid killing a mix or creating a blown-out, unnatural sound. There is really no “golden rule” for vocal EQ as every singer brings something different to a session. Every track is unique and requires a skilled approach to make it the best that it can be. For this reason, you need a highly experienced professional engineer who can identify the subtitles in your song. Ofer is able to do this easily after decades of industry experience working with large record companies and professional recording artists. He can listen to a track and instantly identify frequencies to boost and cut. After just a few listens to a track, Ofer is able to expertly use EQ only where it’s needed. This is especially important for vocal recordings because EQ can drastically impact the sound of a singer’s voice.

The decision to boost and emphasize certain frequencies while cutting others is not done lightly, but Ofer is able to make these important production decisions based on pure instinct trained over years of professional experience in the studio with vocalists from all genres and musical styles.

Reverb is another well-known production plugin which is used in almost every recording today whether vocal or instrumental. The key with reverb is knowing how and when to use it so that it doesn’t dilute the song. When used well, it can help capture a specific mood and add power or energy to a recording. However, when used badly, it can ruin an otherwise excellent production. Ofer worked in the industry throughout the reverb age of the 1980s. During that period, he saw and heard many poor uses of reverb that were all the range at the time. After being there in the studio while all this was happening, he knows first-hand how to avoid these problems. In the new age of music production, reverb plugins have expanded even further to the point where a production engineer could specialize in just this plugin alone. Fortunately, Ofer has decades of experience to guide him through the sea of reverbs available today. At SPS Studios, we aim for a less is more approach with this plugin - that is, unless you tell us otherwise. This approach adds to your mix without taking anything away. It makes your vocal tracks stronger without diluting the quality of the singer’s voice. We aim to give your vocal tracks a lower degree of wetness while still adding just enough to make these tracks sit comfortably within the mix. This can make a singer stand out more naturally, without heavy effects to distract the listener’s ear away from the natural power of the vocal.

At SPS Studios, we use only the latest equipment and plugins to give your tracks that clean, professional edge that is lacking in so many modern recordings. These days, anyone can be a producer in their bedroom, but not everyone knows the ins and outs of music production like we do. We have worked on hundreds of vocal productions at our studio so we know how to get the best out of a singer’s tracks. When a client sends us vocal tracks for a project, we don’t just jump straight into production and start applying random effects. We first take time to listen, to really understand who a client is as a musician of vocalist. We want to get the DNA of what makes a client’s musical style unique, because this is what guides us when creating their production. We pay close attention to the subtitles of every singer we work with so we can craft an expertly produced song. Every song we produce is unique, and every production is built from scratch for the client. Nothing is copied or duplicated. Everything is custom made just for your song. Our decades of combined experience means gives us the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to create these custom productions. This all comes together for you, the client. The result is a professional-level recording that can go up against anything from today’s Top 40 artists. Whether you are looking for a single, just a few songs, an entire album, or a remix of something you’ve already recorded, you will always get a professional production thanks to our unique approach and industry experience.

Ofer, along with our other staff engineers, is an expert in all the tools of the new age of music production. We are masters at using professional industry-standard DAWs like Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and more. We know the nitty gritty details of all these complex recording programs so we can leverage them whenever possible for our clients. That means your final production will be extremely professional. We know all the tricks that today’s most successful recording artists and producers are using, and we pass them along to you in the songs we produce! If you want an expertly produced lyrical song that could be on MTV or the radio today, then you are in the right place. We have decades of combined experience across all our engineers. Our team has personally tested hundreds, even thousands of microphones, amplifiers, effects, plugins, and instruments of all kinds. We only use professional grade hardware from top brands like Genelec, Shure, AKG, Samson, Rode, Sennheiser, and Yamaha. We put these tools to work for you. We are also experts in the recording techniques needed to make a production shine. These techniques are crucial, not because they are shortcuts to great songs, but because they are the bedrock of true professional productions. Any of today’s Top 40 producers are using the same techniques, tools, and tricks as we are. We use this knowledge to put your songs on the same level as the hit songs of today. When you work with SPS Studios, be confident that you’re working with true professionals. This isn’t just a hobby for us, it’s an obsession. We’ve spent our lives mastering the craft of music production, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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