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Dubbing movies to Hebrew in dubbing studio
Dubbing movies to Hebrew in dubbing studio SPS

בעולם המוזיקה

הבית שלכם


In the United States of America, about two hundred thousand fluent Hebrew speakers live. This has has created a demand for Hebrew content. Today, in this world of multi-cultural and multi-channel realism, films and television have gained international exposure due to the internet and ever-trending technology. Every day we see more and more people of all ages seeking to experience the authentic view that fully portrays the original intent of the creator and the emotion of the film. This has led to an increase in demand for dubbed content that does not require subtitles while watching.

We, as a dubbing studio, are fully dedicated to producing content that contains the same emotion and experience as that of the original content. It is not as a easy process as most people may think it is.
It takes a real dubbing director to match the best actors with a true Hebrew tongue to cast roles according to the original movie and perfectly fit each actor to a character in the movie and bring out the character’s true intent according to the film, not forgetting age and the required vocal range.

Our professional director studies the original performance carefully then coaches the Hebrew-speaking actors and carries out rehearsals until they fully adapt to the original production. Finally, the recording engineers and post-production editors create a professionally dubbed Hebrew version of the original production in our studios. This beautiful creation is perfectly synchronized with the images and vocal effects. The results of our creation is a fascinating, delightful and realistic viewing that gives the experience of the film producer’s message.

We dub movies to Hebrew from all languages while ensuring synchronization.
The recordings are performed by professional sound players and a
high-quality video for a high level of finish. At the end of the process we give the sound channels in any format they request or we will do the mix and final mastering with the soundtrack and background sound that accompanies the video. We work with our clients to build quality audio and videos that meet their expectations, for all types of multimedia content for all budgets.
We guarantee quality and consistency of every Hebrew voice-over recording.

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מה כדאי לכם לדעת עלינו?

נעים מאוד, הגעתם ל-SPS הפקות, הבית החדש שלכם בעולם המדיה.

אצלנו תוכלו למצוא קשת רחבה לכל סוג של הפקה שתרצו, החל מהפקת שיר, צילום באולפן, יחסי ציבור ועד הופעות. בעצם הכל תחת קורת גג אחת ויותר מזה.

אנו נלווה אתכם שלב שלב, החל מרמת הרעיון ועד לרמת המוצר המוגמר על המדף.


נשמח לראותכם, צוות SPS

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