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Best Music Production - all the way !

עודכן: 19 באוק׳ 2019

In the world of music, there are no rules. Music has no bounds and no hard laws that everyone must follow, music is flexible, it presents an opportunity to be creative, it inspires, it brings to reality the hidden virtue of human imaginations.

You can wake up to record whatever, mix rhythms, genres and create music in forms and categories never heard before, such is the freedom of music creation and production. But with so much freedom comes great abuse. Because you are free to do whatever you like doesn’t imply that you should. Whatever category of music any body wants to produce, one thing should be the common denominator – Good Music. It is the desire of artists to get good reviews about their songs mainly because they loved listening to is. Every artist want their fans to enjoy their music, get the message in the song with noise as a result of poor recording or wear playing. you can create tracks that meet a standard of quality by which we call “good music”, regardless of style.

Briefly we will be looking at the how the best music is produced and the stages or processes involved in production such music.

The processes involved in music production can be divided into six steps or stages:

Before we proceed I would kill to remind you that as earlier stated, the only rule in the music of today is that there are no rules, these processor are by no means set in stone. This is a personal viewpoint as a professional music producer.


In our world today, most of the songs we listen to are either with few words or wordless, so one may wonder what it means to write a song. songwriting is the process of putting musical ideas together to form a larger structure of coherent melody, harmony and rhythm. Songwriting largely involves brain stories, putting to use imaginative and creative ability toys usually has a beginning, middle, and an end.


The arrangement of a song is the selection of instruments playing in each section. The concept of arranging is usually the most misunderstand c9ncept in music production. A song that has a good beat and melody but is too repetitive after a while has a problem of arranged. Arranging is a key aspect of music production and it is a quality that ensures not only a good song but also a great song.


Tracking has to do with the recording of the various instruments that are used to perform a song. This usually done one track at a time and when you are recording a new track, previously recorded tracks will be heard. This convex is called must-track recording.


The possibilities of digital editing have made capturing a great performance easier than ever. But it’s best to use these tools as a fallback, not a go-to. And when it comes time to do some editing, you should treat this as a separate stage for a couple of reasons.

Editing has made capturing a great performance easier than ever before. This is best used as a fall back not a go