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Like many other places, Israel has a lot of talent among its citizens. It is not weird that there are many out there with passion and love for music, plus the talent that allows them to express themselves while singing, but loving music it is not enough, even with their voice and talent anyone who wants to become the best musician in Israel needs a lot of hard work and help from professionals that guide their talent and polish their voices.

SPS Studios is the best location for those with that dream, they do not only have the staff with years of experience to bring their talent to greater levels, they also have equipment of the topmost quality with the necessary skills to use it in the most efficient way and help their artist produce professional-quality songs and albums that are qualified to be present in media like MTV. If you seek the best musician in Israel you can find it at SPS Studios.

As a record that proves such asseveration, there is the example of an artist from Israel that put a lot of effort aspiring to become famous and made her music. She had the voice and the talent and shared her experiences. She is Orly Vardy, born in Israel, and one of those that know how hard it is to become a professional in the music industry.

Orly Vardy

From a young age she demonstrated her talent, being barely 10 years old when her mother found her singing a beautiful Hebrew song. Orly is even called the singer with a gentle voice having a beautiful soprano one, and she has learned from some of the best vocal teachers in Israel since she has 12 years old.

Orly Vardy flew and in 2008 sang live on a Rumanian TV show a song of her repertoire with Ofer Hamerman called If you could have loved me. She also made a complete international album with Ofer's music and the lyrics from the lyricist Paul Robert Thomas who was been working with them since March 2008.

Later in 2010 Orly traveled to England and met the owners of Venture Radio from the United Kingdom that frequently play her songs and even was voted Artist of the Year by their listeners. Furthermore, their album A million love songs was signed with ACM Records in New York in 2012 and is available to be download in Amazon.

It is clear that she has plenty of experience and knows the huge amount of hard work that is needed to become a great musician. Success requires more than talent and a beautiful voice requires dedication, and also a team. In that sense, she found the best. She has Ofer Hamerman as a producer and musician with the lyrics of Paul Robert Thomas. More than that, she is the owner and founder of SPS Studios with Ofer.

SPS Studios is the best!

The collective knowledge and experience of Orly and Ofer allow then to fund their studio with the aims directed to be the best, they accomplished it! Becoming the best musician in Israel requires more effort than anyone could have imagined. It is not only about their voice and charisma, their songs are what will make them famous.

The best songs are born with a lot of effort. Starting from the letters that compound them, they have to be born from the deepest of feelings and emotions. The best song is also one of the most beautiful poems, capable of shake their listener to the deepest corner of their hearts and made them overflow with emotions to shake their beings.

The lyricist is the expert at it, using the adequate words in the right order and moment, they create masterpieces that made their readers overflow with emotion, shake the floor under their memories and even make them relive the most emotional of memories that they did not remember they had.

Of course, poems are not songs, after choosing the words is time for the music. It is not at exaggeration, anyone who looks for the best musicians in Israel can find it at SPS Studios because there is where they are. Led by Ofer Hamerman with his years of experience in music, the staff of SPS Studios can create the perfect melodious music of any genre necessary to exploit the song's charm.

You can find the best professional knowledge at SPS Studios

The choice of the music is very important, made correctly can highlight the characteristic of the lyrics, the music gave more strength to the letter, the right beats at the right time, or just the use of the correct instrument to transport the listener to another place. The fact is that the music is essential to elevate the piece from just beautiful poetry into beautiful singing accompanying the voice of the singer.

As all of the former demonstrate, making really beautiful songs require an enormous quantity of effort from not just one person but a complete team. Then it came to another issue, with so many people working together there are different opinions and ideas of how to progress further, without adequate leading the process becomes slow or stop entirely. It is then that the need of someone that leads the team was born.

In that aspect, the team needs a musical producer. Someone with the experience as well as the vision to take the individual effort of every member including the singer as different pieces of a puzzle, made the adjustments necessary and start building the song one part at the time until reaching completion of the beautiful piece. SPS Studios counts precisely with Ofer, not only an experienced musician but also the lead musical producer of SPS Studios.

Under his instructions as a producer, as well as his skills as a mastering engineer who has worked with musicians from all around the world and any kind of musical genre, in his hands the songs are polished and perfected, using the best talents of every member of the team, the choice of instruments, backup singers to the chorus, and the ideas and effort of the lead vocalist, he merges everything working harmoniously until reaching the final goal: supporting the best musicians in Israel.


For all musicians, starting to produce their music can be a really expensive step. That's why many consider hiring a music producer to lower their costs. It may seem contradictory, but the truth is that you can save a lot by hiring one for your songs than by doing it yourself. However, others do not have the ease of hiring a producer either and do what they can to get their songs on the air.

There are musicians who think it is better to work without a producer in their early years and then hire one later on. But this concept is not really the right one, since the best thing for any musician is to do it the opposite way. You can tell if you look at the careers of musicians who have hired a producer from the beginning of their career, and how they achieved success thanks to that right producer, either directly or indirectly. But to know whether or not to hire a music producer, you need to know what it is first.

What Is A Music Producer?

The music producer is one of the most important characters in the process of musical production. However, they are not usually known, since they remain mostly out of the public's sight. In recent years, new music producers have emerged who have helped other singers launch their musical hits with collaborations from famous artists. We are talking about producers such as Phil Spector, David Guetta, Brian Wilson, and Calvin Harris, celebrities who have given greater value to the production of music.

Producing music can be one of the most versatile and creative jobs in the industry, as they may be working on different types of projects and with different artists. Many producers prefer to do their work independently, and although it may sound very lucrative, it is a business that must be managed on an ongoing basis.

What do they do?

The role of a music producer is to master, create, and record tracks for artists or for their own projects. However, good producers are not only in charge of creating tracks, but they also help artists discover and develop their best sound, making all their productions symmetrical. You can also help the artist develop or improve their lyrics, play during the recording, or even design their own music.

Education and Training

It is true that it is not mandatory to have technical or professional education to start a career in the music industry, but it is also true that having a training, whether technical or professional, can make you a better music producer. After all, being a music producer is a career that can take a long time and requires being able to work with different genres and styles of music throughout your career. To develop all the skills and a solid understanding of music theory, as well as different recording techniques, are skills that can only be obtained through higher education in music. Furthermore, this training can provide great value and difference to other musical products.

Best musician in Israel - SPS Studios
Best musician in Israel - SPS Studios

Collaboration Is Essential

When embarking on a musical career it is important to have the collaboration of one or more producers from time to time. Whether you want to make your music on your own, or you work for different artists and need other musicians or want to work with other producers, it is important and a key factor to having support. Two heads always think better than one. By having another person, someone who is willing to help you and give you real feedback, they can help you create the best song.

This person can also become your partner and can help you expose your work in networks and other industry connections with which you can collaborate. If you have decided to hire a music producer for your songs, you have every right to ask him or her if he or she has any other acquaintances who can help you with an upcoming project, or even if he or she is interested in making a team.

Easily Synchronize Licenses

Obtaining a license independently can be a rather complicated task when you are just starting out in the music industry. And another reason why you should hire a music producer is that they can help you get licenses quickly, safely, and reliably. Some good producers have a selection of synchronization licenses with companies like Netflix, YouTube Originals, Sony, and more.

It is important to remember that each project is unique, and these are formed by different parts, which work directly with music supervisors or filmmakers. No matter the size of your project, you will always find a producer who will make it all work, even if your budget is a little tight. Many producers tend to be flexible, but always keep the goal of achieving the best results.