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Here’s one truth about making good music ─ it’s no easy feat. Take it from me, I should know. Every great song you ever listened to, ever great melody ever composed, they all required more work than you properly imagine.

First, they require great songwriters to come up with lyrics that we can identify with, opening us to a wealth of emotions we never even knew we were feeling.

Then they require great composers to create the right melodies, the right beats, the right instrumentals to amplify the effect of the lyrics. To make them more profound.

Then they require the right singers or/and rappers to deliver the song just right in such a way that the music becomes something relatable. Something real.

Finally, they require great producers to put all these different things together to create the masterpieces we all know and love.

And that’s without mention the expert stage performers, technical personnel, and many other experts involved in the visual aspects of creating good music.

Without all these different stages of music production coming together in seamless harmony, those songs we all know and love would never have been born. Without them coming together, good music would basically be impossible to make.

So if you are an aspiring superstar looking to get even more famous in the industry and create even better songs, here’s the truth about it all ─ you can’t do it alone. Hell, even the greatest musicians don’t. You need to surround yourself with the right people. The right team. That’s how great music is created. SPS Studios

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