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Make your album at SPS Studios

The number of musicians is uncountable around the world, even the music itself has so many variations and different genres, since it is a beautiful way of expression, born from feelings and emotions. Many people love music because it resonates with their inner feelings and thoughts. Musicians then are capable of expressing those emotions through their voices or instruments, and there are an uncountable number of songs for every musician, which they can even make an album with.

Similarly, the inspirations to make music varies to every person, some use their one feelings towards people like love, others their memories and what these awoke in them, and in other cases some use the emotions that are born when visiting beautiful places. For that last reason, many choose to travel and change their surroundings in seek for their inspiration for that perfect melody that shakes the heart of their audiences.

Following that trend, traveling is a marvelous thing to do to free oneself from the monotony and routines. Certainly, visiting new places expands one point of view and way of thinking as well an increasing one's knowledge about other cultures and ways of living. Have to be said that the experiences of going to new sites, especially tourist ones, is a fantastic way of coming into contact with new feelings and emotions, that musicians can turn into beautiful songs.

Can anyone make a professional album?

Any person that can use their voice can sing a melody, on theory at least. But to make an album with great songs it takes more than using your voice to make sounds. A song using sounds that are produced harmoniously to form a melody ,a professional song, requires a melodious voice and can be accompanied by other singers and music that elevate the overall quality.

The different media mass are filled with music. There is an entire industry dedicated to it with profit reaching around hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are many artists with different levels of popularity. All of them have built their careers on their voices and even dancing skills thanks to the birth of music videos, but that is another story. For every each of them there are a lot of people that cannot reach that level of achievement.

There are even more people in the world that were born with a talent for music. As every beautiful art, music is a very pleasurable thing that many would seek to entertain themselves, others even may go beyond and start making their own music and become musicians. To some people, making their songs may seem very difficult, for that reason, there is the help of professional musicians and other staff in established studios, like theSPS Studios.

No all musicians are associated with a studio, but all studios have musicians in their staff, there are also mastering engineers that do their utmost effort to polish a normal track into a real professional quality song. Such as the SPS Studios, they guarantee to support you with an excellent staff compose of mastering engineers, producers, session musicians, vocalists, and songwriters, all of them with ample experiences and of top quality.

Where is located the SPS Studios?

To those that love to travel and make their music, SPS Studios is located at Israel, amply known because of the country's immense history and ancient locations with some being categorized as a patrimony of humanity. The SPS studios and their excellent staff can help them upgrade their music to the next level, with their support it is perfectly possible to make your album at SPS Studios and complete 10 songs in about two weeks during your vacations.

Sounds amazing, right? The SPS studios have work with clients from Europe, places like Russia, France, and even all the way crossing the sea to the United States, some of them those who came personally to their studio at Israel while traveling. With their excellent and capable staff members that have years of experience in the musical industry, they can help any traveling and artistic person to upgrade their music.

What can they do?

Upon reaching the studio, one can record your voice track or playing their instrument. The SPS team can make use of their heavily invested equipment and always refreshing library of sound samples and plugins, all with the only purpose of accomplishing whatever you have imagined whileelevating the quality of your songs to make an album that reaches the level of all of those that continuously saturate the market.

The ranges of what can be made have variety, a complete album, a remix, and if you prefer, just singles. If you make your album at SPS Studios our team can take those recordings and complement it with their skills of track composition, pitch correction, mixing, vocal tuning, mastering, and even more. The final result is an excellent recording comparable to any of those that constantly is on air, television or that can be found on the internet.

How can they accomplish this?

It is not limited to just having high technology equipment and plugins. Every track is unique as well as the client that makes it. The team of the studio takes very seriously to conserve the specific style that makes them so unique, crafting the plugins that are more suitable for it and using them specifically to match harmoniously with it, constantly strengthening its uniqueness. They do not want to opaque your songs, they follow you.

The principal responsible of accomplishing that is the producer Ofer Hamerman who after decades working in all kinds and genre of music as well with many companies and studios, plus countless hours of working as mastering engineer, that also allow him to perfect his musical earing, finally established his working place funding SPS Studios.

Using all the accumulated experience and practices, the final purpose is to make the original track more alluring by enhancing its flavor and highlight the style of the singer, that way the song can resonate with the emotions and feelings of its listener, accomplishing the standard of a true professional. Don't hesitate and make your album at SPS Studios.

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